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Need someone to provide you with a solution? We offer consultancy services for internet-related projects, as well as professional web/graphic design services.
Need someone to provide you with a solution? We offer a wide variety of consulting services including Lan administration, network design and software development.
Web Design and Graphic Design
Need a web site designed? If so we offer a variety of services that can help get your web site up and running quickly.

We offer web hosting, ftp hosting, email hosting, and intranet hosting. For more information about these services
Web Hosting
Whether you want to host a small website to a full portal website, we have a package that would be suitable.
Email Services
We offer a variety of Email services, which include Virus and SPAM protection.
Domain Names
We can register your domain name as well as offer a redirection service for both Email and web addresses.
FTP Hosting
Need a place to stored files that others will retrieve? If so we have set-up several different plans.
We provide a server-hosting service that enables customers to have their own servers installed in our facilities.

Dedicated Service
Need more than a dialup account? If so we offer dedicated services that give you connection speeds from 64k to 155Mbps.
Leased Lines
If you are looking for connectivity speeds that are guaranteed then this is the only way to go.
Looking for a 24/7 fast connection to the internet? If so then this is a great place to start.

Turnkey Solutions
Our Turnkey solutions provide you with everything you need to get started, making us a One-Stop Shop.
Web Packages
Various web packages are available, all include a site designed by our trained staff.
One Stop ISP
Perfect for companies wishing to become an Internet Service Provide. We can provide you with everything, from Dialup facilities to a comprehensive billing system.

Dialup Services
We offer dialup services for the individual or corporate that supports speeds from 9.6 - 128Kbps.
Personal Accounts
Ideal for the home user who wants a quality internet connection with unrestricted access.
Business Accounts
We offer all business accounts with backup dialup facilities, allowing us to guarantee that there will never be an engaged tone.
Network Dialup
The perfect solution for a small network. Allows you to connect more than one computer to the internet via a single phone line.

Partner Programs
Our partners play a significant role in our success and in return we help them unlock new revenue streams for business and add profits to your bottom line. No matter what size your business we can facilitate plans and services for you to offer your customers with the least amount of administrative stress. Contact us if you are interested.

Services and Support
Inctech has always strived to provide the highest levels of service and support, and to this end we are currently developing a new customer support portal. The new support portal will not only provide access to your account information with us but will also contain an abundance of self support material such as FAQ's and Knowledge Base articles.

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