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Dedicated Service
What is ADSL
ADSL stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. In effect, it works by transforming the copper wires connecting your telephone socket to your local telephone exchange into a high-speed digital line.
How does it work?
  • ADSL operates over a normal telephone line. This means that an existing telephone line can be used to send and receive high-speed digital data and make phone calls at the same time.
  • The ADSL signal is carried by two ADSL modems - one at the User end and one in the local telephone exchange.
  • These ADSL modems are designed to exploit the physical transmission capabilities of the copper line, enabling it to achieve higher data transfer rates over the line than previously possible.
  • So-called 'splitters' (effectively filters), one at the User end and one at the exchange end, separate the telephony signal from the ADSL signal.
Advantages of running ADSL
  • An economical means of substantially increasing the available bandwidth.
  • Up to 2Mb download speeds and always-on connectivity.
  • The ability to use the telephone and PC simultaneously without needing a second telephone line.
  • Service infrastructure tailored for the delivery of broadband services, such as video, audio and gaming services.

Partner Programs
Our partners play a significant role in our success and in return we help them unlock new revenue streams for business and add profits to your bottom line. No matter what size your business we can facilitate plans and services for you to offer your customers with the least amount of administrative stress. Contact us if you are interested.

Services and Support
Inctech has always strived to provide the highest levels of service and support, and to this end we are currently developing a new customer support portal. The new support portal will not only provide access to your account information with us but will also contain an abundance of self support material such as FAQ's and Knowledge Base articles.

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