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To establish yourself on the Internet with a unique email address and/or website URL is a must - and this is essentially what a domain name is. Most companies and organisations recognise the importance of having a unique domain name reflecting their name and corporate identity.
By registering a domain name, you remove all reference to your Internet Service Provider from the email address or web page URL, so, for example, you can accept email to and have your web address as
Domain names are fully transferable, so if you move you can take the domain name with you - meaning you never have to change your email address or website URL - unless, of course, you want to! If you are not sure which type of domain to choose, contact our Sales Team who will be happy to advise you.
Once the domain is registered, we hold the domain here on our DNS (Domain Name Service) server and deal with the administration on your behalf.

Partner Programs
Our partners play a significant role in our success and in return we help them unlock new revenue streams for business and add profits to your bottom line. No matter what size your business we can facilitate plans and services for you to offer your customers with the least amount of administrative stress. Contact us if you are interested.

Services and Support
Inctech has always strived to provide the highest levels of service and support, and to this end we are currently developing a new customer support portal. The new support portal will not only provide access to your account information with us but will also contain an abundance of self support material such as FAQ's and Knowledge Base articles.

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