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Hosting: Email Services
Inter-Computer Technology offer a variety of Email services, one off which is bound to suit your organisation.
Standard Email
Standard email accounts are in the format: These are basic accounts that you can use for sending and receiving email and are supported by most email packages on the market.
Domain Name Email
If you have registered a domain name, you can use this domain as your email address. You would use your domain to create an email address of the following format: Email messages sent to such an address would be associated with a standard POP account, and would be collected in the normal way.
Email Forwarding
This service allows many different people on a computer network to have their own individual email. Combined with the registration of a domain name, each user would have their own email address of the format: Each user would collect their own email from an email server on the network, and the server itself would relay the email between the users and Inter-Computer Technology.
Mailing Lists
Inter-Computer Technology's Mailing List Solution allows you to maintain and manage a large list of emails. This solution is ideal for clubs, societies or businesses that need to send a standard email to many different people. There is no limit to the amount of addresses that can be on the list.
IMAP4 Mail
IMAP4 (Interactive Mail Access Protocol) allows you to store mail in a mailbox housed at Inter-Computer Technology, thus enabling you to view it from wherever you want as long as you are online.
This solution is ideal for someone who travels a lot. It makes it possible to check your email wherever you are, knowing that all the messages are stored safely in one place. Alternatively the solution could be utilised in an office environment, meaning that your email system can be managed "out of house" rather than taking up valuable resources on your system.

Partner Programs
Our partners play a significant role in our success and in return we help them unlock new revenue streams for business and add profits to your bottom line. No matter what size your business we can facilitate plans and services for you to offer your customers with the least amount of administrative stress. Contact us if you are interested.

Services and Support
Inctech has always strived to provide the highest levels of service and support, and to this end we are currently developing a new customer support portal. The new support portal will not only provide access to your account information with us but will also contain an abundance of self support material such as FAQ's and Knowledge Base articles.

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